smocus pocus is a New York based digital studio offering content development, design services & technology solutions to businesses in the legal cannabis industry.

Our modern online systems and websites cater to our clients' specific needs and provide creative, razor-sharp solutions and original, efficient content.

We are adept at working independently or collaboratively, and have a great track record of successful collaboration with PR firms, internal marketing departments, and pre-existing design & content.

Some of the services we can provide include:
• website refresh, overhaul or creation
• ecommerce and shopping carts
• subscriber database system
• website content (all page content, team bios, blog posts, social media)
• marketing materials (digital sticker packs, apps, brochures and one-pagers)

A new collaborative project for two experienced creators
We see a new market with a need for our skills and are excited to bring our expertise to bear on projects in this space. Smocus Pocus is bringing the legal cannabis community our collective history of 15+ years of experience in design, development, editorial and creative services, retail commerce and management, as well as our insight into the challenges that face a wide spectrum of different markets.

Websites should work for both the people maintaining them & their visitors
A website should be an interactive system that is smart and nimble enough to adjust and evolve as things change. The user experience should be efficient and instinctive for you and your audience. Your content should represent the best, most engaging aspects of what you do. Too often, businesses and organizations are oversold on “solutions” that create more work and ultimately can’t be kept up on.

Drop us a line to talk about your project
You need custom-tailored content that authentically develops and refines your voice, and a website that speaks to your specific needs and can be practically managed by you as your needs evolve. We got you covered and we’d love to hear from you.